I was born in 1967 in Switzerland as the son of Italian immigrants.
I have always been a very visual person. I love watching people, situations, nature. I have always been able to remember faces, names are more difficult for me.
What is great about photography is the diversity. No motive (or theme) is alike. I enjoy taking pictures of faces, characters, landscape, nature and cities. All these themes give me the opportunity to experiment and learn, gaining experience.
A picture for me is a tool to get a different view of situations and people. I am not interested in superficial beauty. My office and photo studio today is outside - whether it's in the city, in the mountain or on the high seas.

black & white

Certainly we see in color – but sight is just one of our senses to capture a moment.
I feel and hear city life or the power of nature – I freeze, sweat and loose myself in pure emotion.

Often black and white pictures may express this more deeply. Limiting color to black and white helps focus on the delivery of emotions and impressions much more than a colored picture could do.
In addition to all those things we are not able to see, there are other things we refuse to look at because we decide to ignore them.
The aperture of a cam and the pupil of the human being are not made to receive all the information or pictures we look at, but to filter what is important to us.
Who ever hold a camera knows that too much information can overwhelm a picture as well as too little. Would we listen to all of Beethoven's symphonies at the same time, we would only hear noise.

Street Photography

The term „street photography" is a non-formalised genre of candid photography using subjects - normally people - in public places.

Urban landscapes serve as the background to people going about their daily lives.
Street photography presents un-staged situations, in which a humoristic element is captured in the interaction between the subject and the situation.
The style is not voyeuristic, rather the capturing of a specific moment in that which is seen. The timing of the shot is usually what makes it special.

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